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General terms and conditions

Jump2spain.com is a commercial brand that belongs to EXQUI, S.L.U., a single member company registered in the Register of Companies of the Principality of Andorra under number 14306, in Book S-206, Folio 161-170, on 21/11/2013. It is also registered in the Register of Commerce and Industry under number 923954-U. EXQUI, S.L.U. has Tax Registration Number (NRT) L-709463-T and has its registered office at Botiga number 5, Av. del Través núm. 4, Edifici el Prat, Escala - C, AD400 - La Massana (Principality of Andorra).

You can contact Jump2spain.com via our contact section provided on the website "www.Jump2spain.com" or by sending a letter to the registered office of EXQUI, S.L.U.


By making a booking on Jump2spain.com you’re expressly accepting the following terms & conditions: 


1. Introduction

The terms of the contract should be understood according to the following definitions:

Jump2spain.com: Trademark registered by EXQUI, SLU that acts as an intermediary agency wholesaler-travel retailer. Jump2spain.com acts as a simple intermediary in the contracting of services between the customer and the service provider, so that it does not assume the risk and venture of the operations concluded through the website.

Customer: Customer will be understood as the person who books one or more services from those offered through our website. This website is addressed to citizens outside the Spanish Kingdom, therefore, it is understood that the customers that are booking a hotel offer are not Spanish residents.

Services: Service is understood as any service offered by the different providers on the Jump2spain.com website, such as booking an accommodation, transport, spas, and others.

Website: www.Jump2spain.com

Service Provider: Refers to the service providers of the travel agency, such as hotels, tour operators, spa centres and others.

Jump2spain.com is authorized to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time and without prior notice, however, these changes will not affect bookings that Jump2spain.com has already received prior to changing its Terms & Conditions. For this reason, we highly recommend you,  the customer, to read, save and print a copy of them when confirming your booking. 


2. Reading and accepting Jump2spain.com’s Terms & Conditions

When booking a service offered on Jump2spain.com, you expressly agree with our Terms & Conditions of each service. When booking accommodation, transport or vehicle hire, or leisure services, whatever the type and service, the customer expressly accepts the specific policies and conditions established by each service provider. In particularly, the customer accepts to be subject to the internal rules and protocols established by each service provider, especially in all matters relating to rules of conduct, right of admission, hygiene, safety and good coexistence between guests and/or users.

In the event of conflict, disagreement or inconsistency between these General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions of each offer, the latter shall prevail.


3. Booking process

3.1. Procedure

When the customer makes a booking through the Jump2spain.com website, the booking will not be confirmed until the payment of the contracted services has been made in full. Jump2spain.com reserves the right to cancel the customer's booking in the event of non-payment of the services. Jump2spain.com will have the right to cancel bookings where there is evidence that the holder of the booking is a Spanish resident.

When the booking is paid for by credit/debit card, the financial entity that acts as an intermediary in the transaction generates a code associated with the operation and the card with which the payment has been made. This allows the bank, with the customer's consent, to collect the amount(s) related to the associated booking for the sole purpose of making it more convenient for the customer to pay for amendments, instalments or other payments.

When the customer decides to opt for paying the booking in instalments, the payment of the services must be made within the terms, amounts, and conditions set for each booking. The customer expressly agrees to make the instalments in accordance with the provisions for each booking. In the event that the customer does not make the payments for the booking within the deadlines and/or amounts established for each booking, Jump2spain.com reserves the right to cancel the booking, with the customer forfeiting the amounts that have been paid for booking the services, which will become the property of Jump2spain.com as cancellation costs.


Notwithstanding the above, Jump2spain.com reserves the right to change the payment conditions depending on the offer. The payment conditions will be those allowed and set out for each product and/or service offer.

By making a booking on Jump2spain.com, the customer accepts to pay the amount via the payment methods the website provides. 

If the customer decides to pay for the booking by bank transfer, Jump2spain.com reserves the right to suspend the booking confirmation until they can verify that the amount transferred has been effectively paid into the bank account owned by Jump2spain.com. If the amount of the booking services is not paid in full , Jump2spain.com may cancel it and the customer agrees to bear the costs that such cancellation may entail.


3.2. Booking confirmation

Jump2spain.com will send the booking confirmation to the customer by e-mail, which will include the essential details of the contract, such as the services and products purchased, the price and the date on which the service is to be used.


3.3. Confirmation voucher


After making the payment for the booking, Jump2spain.com will send the customer a confirmation voucher by e-mail. This voucher is a receipt and must be presented at check-in or, in case of an activity, to be able to take part in it. In the event that the customer does not receive their confirmation voucher, they are advised to contact us via the contact form or by calling the customer service number.


When the customer receives the confirmation voucher, we confirm they will have finalised the payment of your booking with Jump2spain.com. However, some accommodation may ask the customer for their credit card number, which will act as a guarantee for possible payment of services purchased in the accommodation or possible damage caused to the accommodation.


The customer, on returning from their holiday, may request the invoice for the services provided by EXQUI, S.L.U. For the purpose of organisation, the customer must wait until they return from the holiday and request their invoice via the contact section on the www.Jump2spain.com website.


The customer expressly accepts that the invoice certifying the cost of the holiday will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer in the contact section. Without affecting the aforementioned, the customer shall have the right to revoke this consent and receive the invoice in paper format as long as they specify this in the contact section.


3.4. Storing Booking Details

EXQUI, S.L.U. informs you that the contract signed between the parties will be stored in the company's data storage systems and that it will only be accessible to the user if they are registered on the Jump2spain.com website.


3.5. Contact with the customer

The customer expressly accepts that communications made by Jump2spain.com  will be made via the email address they have given during the booking process. In the event of detecting any incident relating to a customer's booking, Jump2spain.com  will contact the customer via that e-mail address.

If it is not possible to contact the customer by the aforementioned method, Jump2spain.com  will try to contact the customer by telephone. However, if this is not successful, the customer expressly agrees to be notified of any incidents by E-mail. 


3.6. Group bookings

In the event that one or more customers wish to make a booking for 20 or more people, they must first contact the Jump2spain.com Customer Service Department to inform them of this possibility. What is stated above will be applicable whether the booking is made jointly or if there are separate bookings with the same check-in and check-out dates for the accommodation that reach a number of 20 people. In the event of failure to comply with the obligation to inform our Customer Service Department in advance, Jump2spain.com reserves the right to cancel the corresponding bookings.


4. Accuracy of data, proof of identity and privacy policy.

Customers who wish to contract the different services that Jump2spain.com offers on its website must confirm that all the information provided when making their booking is accurate and true.

The customer making a booking expressly authorises Jump2spain.com to include the personal data that appears in the form fields in a privately-owned automated file in order to provide its services properly. 

The booking holder must enter the details correctly as they appear on their ID card or passport. The booking is assigned to a single holder, therefore, the data indicated in the 'Holder' field must correspond in its entirety with the customer who is the holder of the booking, and not with data from other travellers. Jump2spain.com is not responsible for any problems that may be caused by the omission or forgery of data.

The customer will be responsible for providing the information related to their booking accurately, taking into account that all the data included in the booking must remain valid at the time of starting the holiday. Where applicable, the customer must take special care in selecting the age of the underage children included in the booking, as this should be considered at the date of the beginning of the holiday and not at the time of making the booking.

The customer is obliged to go on holiday with legal documents proving their identity and that of all the members of the booking party. The different service providers (accommodation, leisure activities or similar) usually request proof of identity from all members of the booking. Jump2spain.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever for failure to present the required documentation and the consequences that this may entail.

Jump2spain.com informs its customers that, in the event that it is necessary to cross borders between countries, all members of the booking must have the necessary identification documents, making sure whether or not it is necessary to have certain legal documents (passport, family record book or similar).


In accordance with the provisions of Law 29/2021, of 28 October, qualified personal data protection, we inform you that your data will be included in an automated file that is protected with the necessary technical measures to prevent alteration or loss. Please note that the company EXQUI, S.L.U., located at Botiga number 5, Av. del Través núm. 4, Edifici el Prat, Escala - C, AD400 - La Massana (Principality of Andorra) is responsible for processing the data and that the customer may exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition ( removal), limitation and/or modification as well as the right to request portability by sending an e-mail to: legal@exqui.net or by post to the aforementioned registered office.

The data provided by the customer will be treated in accordance with the provisions of our privacy policy.



5. Communication and transfer of data to third parties

In order to guarantee the correct development of the products and/or services contracted, we inform you that Jump2spain.com will share your personal data with the service provider (hotels, tour operators, leisure providers, insurance companies, etc.). The user accepts this transfer of data and expressly authorises EXQUI, S.L.U. - through Jump2spain.com - to proceed with the communication of the customer's personal data which will be used by the service provider for the strict and sole purpose of the proper performance of the service. Likewise, in those cases in which it is not the user who makes the booking who is to enjoy and benefit from the contracted services, the user expressly undertakes to obtain consent for the transfer of their data from those third parties who are to benefit from it, all before communicating their data to JUMP2SPAIN.



6. Cancellation and amendment policy

Jump2spain.com makes every effort to establish a clear and understandable policy for amendments and cancellations so that the customer is aware of the exact implications of an eventual amendment and/or cancellation of their booking. The customer will have the right to amend and/or cancel their booking, both of which are subject to Jump2spain.com’s Terms & Conditions. 

JUMP2SPAIN's business operations entail administrative expenses, personnel, computer platform and similar costs that are necessary for processing our customers' bookings. Although these costs always exist, you will only have to pay them if you decide to change or cancel your booking.


6.1. Administration Fees

 As stated above, Jump2spain.com will charge certain administration fees that the customer will have to pay if they wish to change or cancel their booking. The amount of the aforementioned costs is summarised below:

a) Bookings for a maximum amount of 66 euros: There is an administration fee of 10 euros.

b) Bookings for amounts between 67 and 200 euros: There is an administration fee of 15% of the total amount of the booking.

c) Bookings for amounts between 201 and 600 euros: There is an administration fee of 30 euros.

d) Bookings of more than 600 euros: There is an administration fee of 5% of the total amount of the booking.


6.2. Amendment Fees

Any booking amendment that the customer requests, will entail a fixed cost of 10 euros and is subject to the availability of the accommodation or supplier to receive the guest on dates other than those selected at the beginning.

Booking amendments may generate modification costs that the service provider (hotels, tour operators, etc.) establishes in accordance with the possible variations in rates and costs applicable to a given period, these costs will be determined at the time prior to the cancellation in accordance with the type of modification that the customer wishes to make. This being so, the customer will be able to know, before proceeding with the modification of his reservation, the existence and amount of the modification costs that will be charged by the service provider.

To find out exactly what the amendment costs are, the user should contact the Jump2spain.com  Customer Service Department via the contact section of the website www.Jump2spain.com, and these requests will be dealt with during the customer service hours shown on our website.

In the event that it is the travel organiser who is obliged to significantly modify any essential element of the contract, this modification will be immediately notified to the consumer. The consumer and user shall have the option to terminate the contract without penalty or to accept the variations proposed by the organiser. In the event of an essential modification of a package, the procedure shall be in accordance with the provisions of clause 9.b) of these general terms and conditions.

The customer is obliged to pay the management and/or amendment costs mentioned in the previous paragraphs in the event that they exist. Failure to comply with this obligation entitles Jump2spain.com  to cancel the booking without refunding the amounts paid by the customer.

Bookings concluded with special and/or non-refundable rates cannot be modified by the customer unless this is expressed in the published offer. Modifications that the customer intends to make may entail modification costs of up to 100% of the amount paid.

In the event that the customer makes a booking for a package holiday, Jump2spain.com  reserves the right to revise the prices (both upwards and downwards) in accordance with the provisions of current legislation, provided that the customer is informed of this circumstance at least 20 days in advance. Price revisions may only be applied to incorporate possible price variations relating to transport, including the cost of fuel, fees and taxes relating to certain services and the exchange rates applied to a package holiday. 



6.3. Cancellation Fees

The consumer may cancel the services requested or contracted and is entitled to a refund of the amounts paid, but must pay Jump2spain.com  the cancellation costs specified below:


6.3.1. Booking not considered to be “package holidays”

When the booking in question is not considered a "package holiday", the customer may withdraw from the contract and cancel their booking by using the contact section provided on the www.Jump2spain.com website and must pay the costs of returning the service specified below:

a) The management costs specified in clause 7.1 of these General Terms and Conditions.

b) The cancellation costs charged by the service provider in relation to the cancellation of the booking. The customer will be able to know, always before proceeding to the cancellation of his/her reservation, the exact amount that the service provider charges for the cancellation of the reservation. To find out the cancellation conditions for each booking, the customer should contact the Jump2spain.com  Customer Service Department via the contact section set up for this purpose on the www.Jump2spain.com website.


6.3.2. Specific conditions applicable to the cancellation of services contracted under the "Free cancellation" modality.

The conditions and costs applicable to the cancellation of products and services contracted under the "free cancellation" modality will be determined in each offer or promotion.



6.4. Conditions applicable when modifying and cancelling bookings

The amendment and/or cancellation of a booking must be made expressly by using the contact section set up for this purpose on the website www.jump2spain.com. To speed up the process, we recommend that you telephone the customer service number that appears on the booking confirmation.


In order to proceed with the final cancellation of a reservation, customers must confirm in writing (using the e-mail address that the customer indicated as a means of contact in their booking and following the steps indicated) their wish to cancel the booking and accept the cancellation conditions. Once the process has been initiated through the contact section, the customer will receive an email in which they must expressly confirm that they wish to cancel the booking. Once this action has been carried out, the booking will be cancelled. It is essential that the customer confirms the cancellation of their booking by means of the actions indicated in the email sent by JUMP2SPAIN.


In the event of not confirming the cancellation of the booking in the manner detailed in this clause, the booking will remain valid in the terms in which it was concluded in the first instance.


6.5. No-show

If the customer does not turn up at the accommodation at the agreed check-in date, or does not turn up at the departure date, 100% of the booking amount will be charged.

In the event that the customer foresees a delay in arrival at the accommodation, they must notify Jump2spain.com so that the appropriate arrangements can be made to maintain their booking.


6.6. Early departure from the accommodation or early cancellation of the holiday

In the event that the customer decides to leave the contracted accommodation before the conclusion of their booking, or to terminate the contracted holiday before its conclusion, we inform you that this entails a cost of 100% of the amount of the booking.


7. Refunds

In the event that the customer is entitled to a refund after the deductions mentioned in the previous clause have been made, Jump2spain.com  will pay the amount due. The customer must take into account that the reimbursement of the amounts may take a few days, but in no case will this period exceed 14 days.

If the customer has paid for their booking by credit card, the amount will be returned to the account associated with the card used to make the payment. On the other hand, if the customer paid for the booking by bank transfer, Jump2spain.com  will request, at the same email address from which the booking was made, that the customer proceed to set the account number to which the reimbursement of the amounts paid should be made.

8. Booking amendment or cancellation by Jump2spain.com 

a) For accommodation services.

If it is impossible or extremely difficult to provide any or all of the services contracted by the customer, for example, due to the non-opening or closure of the contracted establishment; due to the non-opening or closure of a ski resort; or due to the material impossibility of providing the contracted services correctly, among other reasons, Jump2spain.com  may seek an alternative for the customer, provided this is possible and the conditions allow it. In the event of not being able to offer any alternative to the service initially contracted or in the event that the alternative offered is not accepted by the customer, Jump2spain.com  will reimburse the amount paid for the service that cannot be made available to the customer.

In the event of overbooking of the contracted accommodation, Jump2spain.com  reserves the right to offer the customer accommodation of the same or a higher category than that contracted, provided that this is possible and the conditions allow it. If Jump2spain.com  cannot offer the customer an alternative or if the consumer and user does not accept the proposed change, the service will be cancelled and Jump2spain.com  will refund the amounts that the customer has paid for the accommodation service.


b) Specific information regarding the effects of COVID19 on your booking.

Jump2spain.com  reminds its customers that the information shown on its website is based on the data and indications offered by the different service providers involved in each booking. Jump2spain.com  is subject to the conditions that may be established by the different service providers at any given time.

Due to the impact of COVID19, the different service providers involved in the contracted booking will be able to provide their services in accordance with the parameters established by the competent health and administrative authorities, and the way in which the services are carried out may be adapted to the prevailing regulations at any given time. Consequently, it is possible that some of the usual services offered by the different providers may be modified or even not provided at all, provided that this is required for reasons of security, organisation, public order or similar.

In the event that a certain service provider fails to provide any of the services contracted by the customer, either totally or partially, when this is due to security, organisational, public order or similar reasons, Jump2spain.com  does not guarantee in any case the partial or total refund of the amount corresponding to said service.

Jump2spain.com  reminds its customers that it is possible that some of the contracted tourist destinations impose the obligation to present a PCR test (or similar), a full vaccination certificate or other similar document before allowing entry to their territory. It may also be that some of the services contracted with the booking require the presentation of such certificates. In this regard, Jump2spain.com  informs the customer that the costs and formalities associated with these tests are the sole responsibility of the customer. Jump2spain.com  will not assume any type of responsibility for any damage and/or inconvenience that may be caused by the non-completion of the tests that are catalogued as obligatory in certain countries.


9. Prices and taxes

Unless otherwise stated, the prices shown in the offer visible to the customer are the final prices per person and stay (including VAT) to be paid by the user to Jump2spain.com . However, the local authorities of certain Autonomous Communities and certain countries may impose additional tourist taxes that must be paid in the place where the service is provided.

The offers displayed on the website will indicate all the concepts included in the booking, therefore, any other service not detailed in the offer will be understood as not included and will not form part of the contract. Unless the offers expressly state otherwise, any "extra" or additional service offered by the different service providers or suppliers shall not be included in the contract and, if applicable, shall be paid for exclusively by the customer and shall be paid directly by the traveller to the supplier.

Likewise, we remind the customer that the offers, unless expressly stated otherwise, do not include the processing and obtaining of visas or legal documents necessary to travel or any possible vaccinations or vaccination certificates that may be necessary for the holiday. 

Jump2spain.com  makes every effort to ensure that all its products and services are published free of errors. However, in the event of a flagrant and obvious typographical or numerical error in the prices offered, Jump2spain.com  will act as diligently as possible and contact the customer to explain the situation and correct the error. In the event that a customer has made a reservation due to this error, Jump2spain.com  will assume the error, giving full effectiveness to the purchase, as long as it is not such a disproportionate difference with respect to the average online market price for that product that it is obvious and notorious to any person of average diligence that it is an error.

The services offered on the Jump2spain.com website are intended for customers who do not live in the Kingdom of Spain, therefore all prices shown on the website are for customers who do not live in Spain.


10. Customer's responsibilities

Without prejudice to the other responsibilities established in these general conditions, the customer is reminded that, in order to guarantee the correct development of the holiday, the following must be taken into account:

a) Report any type of incident or breach of contract.

With the aim of being able to resolve any incident that occurs during the course of the contracted holiday,  Jump2spain.com reminds the consumer or user that any complaints, incidents or claims that are made must be made at the destination (in situ) where the service is provided so that they can be resolved in the shortest possible time.

b) Have the necessary documentation in order to carry out the holiday.

All travellers making up the contracted booking (including children and minors) must carry with them, and keep in order and in force, their personal and family documentation that corresponds to and is necessary for entry and stay in the state or states in which their holiday is being carried out. Any costs that may arise from obtaining visas, permits, certificates or similar shall always be borne by the customer.

We remind the customer that in the event that the granting of a certain visa is refused by a competent authority, or entry to a certain country is not permitted due to failure to present the necessary legal documentation, Jump2spain.com will not assume any type of responsibility, as we remind you that it is the customer who must make sure of the necessary legal requirements (visas, permits or certificates, among others) for entry and stay in a certain country. Failure to comply with these recommendations and obligations will result in the customer being solely responsible for the costs, expenses and damages that may be incurred, including the fact of not being able to enjoy the contracted holiday. 

The customer is informed that obtaining passports, visas and permits may take time, and that certain actions or documentation may be necessary.


11. Liability of Jump2spain.com and of the service providers

a) Liability in case if the contract is not carried out correctly

Jump2spain.com informs the customer that the scope of our company's work in relation to the services that can be purchased through the website www.jump2spain.com is strictly limited to the actual purchase of the selected services. Each of the service providers involved in the selected package is responsible for the contractual performance of the service. Therefore, the responsibility for the correct development of the holiday lies exclusively with the final service providers. Nevertheless, Jump2spain.com will act as an agent in the processing of any claims that the customer may make against the service provider.


b) Exclusion of liability

Jump2spain.com will not be liable for any type of compensation for the loss of any independent service that has not been included in the travel contract (e.g. Jump2spain.com will not be liable for loss of hotel bookings in the days before or after the contracted holiday; meals; transport used at the destination; transport and/or connections between the destination and JUMP2SPAIN); transport and/or connections between the customer's place of origin and the place of departure or return of the holiday; or missed connections between flights or other transport) even if the holiday has to be cancelled for reasons of force majeure or insufficient number of people to carry out the holiday,  as long as this situation has been communicated to the customer.

As far as damages are concerned, these must always be proven by the customer by means of the necessary supporting documents.

Compensation for damages that may result from a possible poor execution of the contract shall be limited to the terms of the international conventions regulating the matter.


12. Proof of identity and possible fraud

In order to guarantee the correct development of the bookings that have been made, Jump2spain.com reserves the right to ask its customers to send a photocopy of their identity card or any other document that reliably proves their identity. In the event that the customer or their travel companions do not provide the aforementioned information, Jump2spain.com will be able to cancel the bookings affected and refund the amounts paid by the customer.

In the event that Jump2spain.com sees indications of possible fraud in the making of bookings, it will carry out any investigations it deems appropriate and reserves the right to cancel the bookings affected. All of this without prejudice to the refund of the amounts paid by the customer.

The cancellations of the bookings referred to in the previous paragraphs will be notified to the customers by email and phone call to the addresses and numbers that the customer has provided to JUMP2SPAIN. The company is not liable for any failure by the customer to comply with the contact methods provided.


13. Use of the website and contents

This website is intended solely and exclusively for the personal use of users. Its modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale and any other form of exploitation, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, is strictly forbidden. The customer undertakes not to use this website for illegal or prohibited purposes. In particular, the user of the website accepts that he may only use the website for himself and that the products or services purchased through the website are intended for his own use or consumption or that of persons on behalf of whom he is legally authorised to act and contract. The user shall not resell the products or services purchased through the website to other persons.


14. Intellectual and industrial property

All the contents, brands, logos, photographs, drawings, designs, etc. that appear on the Jump2spain.com website are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights and are expressly reserved for EXQUI, S.L.U., or, where applicable, for the individuals or legal entities that appear as authors or owners of the aforementioned rights. Violation of the above rights will be prosecuted in compliance with the current legislation in force. Any use of the content of this website, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, exhibition or total or partial representation of the same, for uses other than the legitimate information or contracting of users of the services offered, is strictly prohibited. Likewise, any kind of use of the images contained on the Jump2spain.com website outside the aforementioned website is strictly forbidden without the express consent of Jump2spain.com or its suppliers.


15. Photographs 

Jump2spain.com works to ensure that the photographs and illustrations shown on its website match reality and offer a visual representation of the services it offers. The reason for including these images is to be able to offer the customer a more detailed impression of the services booked.


16. Accommodation services and board basis

16.1. Accommodation quality

Jump2spain.com advertises the quality and comfort level of the accommodation services offered in its offers according to the data supplied by the service providers and in accordance with the local classification standards of the country or Autonomous Community where the accommodation itself is located. This classification is offered simply as a reference and quality parameter, however, the customer should bear in mind that the rating of each accommodation may vary between hotels in different countries or even within the same country. We remind you that it is very important that you read carefully each of the features shown in the offer of the accommodation you have booked. We also remind you that all the hotels, flats or hostels booked will provide accommodation in standard category rooms unless otherwise stated in the offer.

The use of swimming pools, water parks, water areas and other facilities of the tourist establishments is strictly subject to internal policies and protocols of these, as well as to the regulations and restrictions that may be imposed by the competent authorities. The services and facilities of each establishment are managed directly by the latter, without Jump2spain.com having any control or decision-making authority. In the event that a normal use of a faciliy was to be restricted due to restrictions, regulations or an inability to make proper use of them, no refund will be issued by Jump2spain.com


16.2. Types of boarding arrangements

(a) All-inclusive: Unless expressly included, the all-inclusive package includes meals, non-alcoholic beverages and activities mentioned in the booking and/or in the description of each service provided by the tourist service provider. Likewise, as a general rule, the all-inclusive package includes only local alcoholic beverages.

(b) Full board: Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation. The general rule is that lunches and dinners do not include beverages unless otherwise stated in the offer.

c) Half board: Unless otherwise stated in the offer, includes breakfast, dinner and accommodation. The general rule is that lunches and dinners do not include drinks.

d) Bed and breakfast: Includes breakfast and accommodation.


16.3. Meals

If meals are part of the accommodation package and the customer is unable or unwilling to have them for reasons beyond the customer's control, no reimbursement will be made for any amounts related to such meals.


16.4. Information about the capacity of rooms, studios, flats and similar

Jump2spain.com states that the capacity of the accommodation offered on our website indicates the number of people that can stay overnight in a specific room, flat, studio or similar. Therefore, when referring to a single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, quintuple or similar room/apartment/studio, it is understood that the accommodation can accommodate one, two, three, four or five people respectively. If extra beds need to be included, this will only be possible after receiving confirmation by the accommodation. 

The layout of the rooms, flats, studios or similar are subject to the availability. Thus, the capacity of the rooms can be completed with single beds, double beds, bunk beds, extra beds, sofa beds or similar.


17. Complaints 

Customers should contact the customer service department for complaints by sending them via the contact section on the www.jump2spain.com website.


18. Exemption from liability due to service failures or malfunctioning of the website

Jump2spain.com is committed to making every effort to provide a quality service free of technical incidents. However, there may be force majeure and unforeseeable circumstances that affect the availability of the website. Jump2spain.com will not be responsible for any damage that these force majeure events may cause damage to the availability of the website or for any inconvenience that this may cause.


19. Jurisdiction

Any possible disagreements that may arise from the interpretation and/or fulfilment of this contract shall be heard by the courts and tribunals of the Principality of Andorra, and Andorran legislation shall be applicable.

If any clause included in these terms and conditions is declared totally or partially null and void or ineffective, this shall not extend to the other clauses of the contract that are not considered null and void. Consequently, the contract will remain in force excluding the clauses affected by the nullity or ineffectiveness.


20. Suggestions

At Jump2spain.com we care about the quality of our services and the comfort of our customers, which is why we have set up a contact section on our website so that customers can send us their suggestions to improve our services.

You can also send us your feedback to recommendations@jump2spain.com. Remember that if you have a booking and wish to make any kind of request, the quickest and easiest way is to use the contact section. If you send an email to this address for booking purposes, it may take us longer to reply.