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Location of the accommodation

Hotel Bon Repos
Vallderoure, 17-23, Calella
6.5 See 2073 reviews


What you need to know about this deal

This deal includes

  • Hotel Bon Repòs 3* located in Calella (Costa del Maresme - Barcelona Coast).
  • Available with Half Board and Full Board.
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This deal is available for travelling: from May 24 to October 6


  • With its vibrant atmosphere, sun-drenched beaches and rich cultural heritage, Calella is tucked away on the coast of Barcelona. Just a short distance from Barcelona, this charming town offers the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement for visitors of all ages.

  • How to get there: Calella is easily reached from Barcelona by train, which offers a scenic journey along the picturesque coastline. Driving is also a convenient option, with well-marked roads leading directly to this coastal haven.

  • Best beaches: Calella boasts unspoilt beaches of soft sand and turquoise waters, ideal for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. Playa Grande and Playa Garbí are popular choices, offering excellent facilities and stunning views of the Mediterranean.

  • Cuisine: Indulge in the delicious flavours of Catalan cuisine as you explore the local restaurants and eateries in Calella. From fresh seafood dishes to traditional tapas and savoury paellas, the town's culinary scene is sure to delight your taste buds.

  • Places of interest: Explore Calella's rich history and architectural wonders with a visit to landmarks such as the Calella lighthouse and the churches of Santa Maria and Sant Nicolau. Wander the charming streets of the old town, where you'll find quaint shops, cafes and boutiques.

  • Family-friendly activities: Calella offers a wealth of family-friendly activities to enjoy together. Spend a day of fun and excitement at the Water World Lloret water park or go on an exciting adventure at the Gnomo Park amusement park, with games, rides and attractions for children of all ages.

  • Not-to-be-missed visits to nearby towns: Take advantage of Calella's strategic location to explore nearby towns full of charm and character. Don't miss the picturesque town of Pineda de Mar, famous for its beautiful beaches and lush greenery, or the historic town of Tossa de Mar, home to ancient ruins and stunning coastal views.

Information regarding Single Rooms and Family Discounts

  • Babies from 0 to 1: the first one stays for free sharing bed with two adults in double and triple rooms. In case you want to travel with 2 babies in the same room, please contact us here so we can check if it is possible.

General discounts:

  • Children from 2 to 12 years old: 1st child stays for FREE, 2nd child benefits from a 50% discount.

Except from 22-06-2024 to 05-09-2024:

  • Children from 2 to 12 years old: 1st child benefits from a 50% discount.

Good to know: Discounts for children apply as long as they sleep in the same room with 2 adults or 2 people paying the adult rate.

  • Maximum room capacity is 4 people per room. Good to know: The accommodation does not admit a 5th place in the same room, either adult or child.

Single room surcharge: is approximately 10%, already applied in the prices you will see during the booking process.

Tourism tax

The tourism tax isn't included in the booking price, as it's mandatory to pay this tax directly at the hotel reception. Children under the age of 16 are exempt from this tax. 
The tourism tax in a 3 * Hotel is 0.66 € per person and night.

Pet Policy

This accommodation allows pets with the following conditions:
  • Period in which pets are allowed in the hotel: from May 24 to September 14. Outside these dates the hotel does not accept pets.
  • Maximum weight: No weight limit!
  • One pet can sleep in each room.
  • Pets are only allowed in the room. They are not allowed to stay in the main areas (reception, dining room, swimming pool, lounge, etc.), only to access the room or to leave the hotel, and must be leashed.
  • They cannot be in the room while the cleaning staff is doing the chores, so as long as the pet is in the room.
  • The pet may not use the bathroom or the bathtub/shower to relieve itself; and it is not allowed to use hotel towels or sheets for grooming. The pet is also not allowed to climb on the beds.
  • In case of an accident with another animal or a person, the hotel will not be held responsible for legal purposes.
  • Price: from 24/5/24 to 30/6/24 included: 12€/day and pet. From 01/07/24 to 31/8/24 included: 15€/day and pet and from 01/9/24 to 14/9/24 included: 12€/day and pet.
Good to know: At the end of the booking, it is essential that you send us a message through the contact section informing that you will be traveling with your pet. This way, we can notify the accommodation so that they have everything ready for your arrival.
If you have any questions, we recommend you to check our frequently asked questions.
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Hotel Bon Repos
Photo Gallery
Hotel Bon Repos